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April 23, 2010


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Nihayet - are you referring to the $365 kiln? I have an instruction sheet you can download here: - that will give you some better pictures and explanation of how to build it.


a job well done but there some things that are not clear to m about the retot 1 there is a hole at the top of the fire box.what is it ment for beusoce is always closed in all ur picture 2there is anothher hole at the base of the chimmny beside the fire box what is the use pls 3what is the size of the retort as to fire box


Excellent! Thank you, my boys and I will build this (9 and 13). Its amazing what they can do with good tools and a bit of help!

Look like great instructions!

m jones

I applaud teaching things like this but being in construction am a bit shocked with no gloves or safety glasses for children doing things like this.

Morne Olivier

Hi there I have been trying to down load the 6 step instruction but have failed. Can you maybe mail it to me.
Thank you


Very cool. But Elementary school? I'm surprised a fifth grader is strong enough to cut cans and do the other steps. Did you have to help much?

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